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SaKuRaBlOsSoM.X2 is a fanfiction author on FanFiction.Net and has written five Alex Rider fic's.


She was formerly known as TwilightOasis. SaKuRaBlOsSoM.X2 is Libra, and she is a self proclaimed music addict. She plays piano at grade three and enjoys the music of Paramore, Green Day, Ke$sha, and Diana Vickers.


  • Dares always come with consequences (Alex Rider)
  • One Big Happy Family (Alex Rider)
  • Pull It Out (oneshot) (Alex Rider)
  • Stay Strong (oneshot) (Alex Rider)
  • To Be A Son (Alex Rider)
  • Five Years (oneshot) (Big Time Rush)
  • The One Problem (oneshot) (Big Time Rush)
  • Thicker than Blood (oneshot) (Big Time Rush)
  • Vestri Patronus (Big Time Rush)
  • Just One Moment (oneshot) (Harry Potter)
  • Once Bitten (oneshot) (Harry Potter)
  • The Third Destiny (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Just your average day (oneshot) (Merlin)
  • Merlin's Fluffy Secret (oneshot) (Merlin)
  • More than special (oneshot) (Merlin)
  • Two Months (Shaman King)

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