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Hollyblue2 is the author of several fanfictions and fourteen Alex Rider fics.


She resides in the United Kingdom and is also a beta reader.


  • Amelia (Alex Rider)
  • Anger Strikes Back (Alex Rider)
  • Awoken (Alex Rider)
  • Can't Promise (Alex Rider)
  • Death of a Partner (Alex Rider)
  • Family Ties (Alex Rider)
  • Fight (Alex Rider)
  • Frozen Freezer (Alex Rider)
  • New Year Gone Bad (Alex Rider)
  • SAS Lessons (Alex Rider)
  • The End (Alex Rider)
  • True Colors (Alex Rider)
  • Watching (Alex Rider)
  • Misunderstanding (Alex Rider / NCIS)

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