Alex Rider & the World Cup
Author(s) Jeraina
Status In-Progress
# of Chapters 16
Pairing(s) None
Category(s) Adventure
Rating T
Alex Rider & the World Cup is a fanfiction authored by Jeraina.


"MI6 gives Alex tickets to the World Cup saying he deserves a vacation. Alex has his doubts, but it's not so easy to turn down such an offer. However, something happens that Alex had not planned. Is it Karma, or does MI6 have something to do with it?"


This fic is set any time after Ark Angel.


A list of the characters present in this story in alphabetical protagonist/antagonist categories.


  • Alex Rider
  • "Black, Mr." (OC)
  • Derek Smithers
  • Deo De Lange (OC)
  • Jack Starbright
  • MI6 (organization)
  • Samora Anthony (OC)
  • South Africa's Secret Service (organization)
  • Tom Harris


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